Fultonville Barn, a Rustic House by Heritage Barns


Do you like living in a rustic house with barn? If you do, then you should take a look at this house. Fultonville Barn is an old rustic house that was redesigned by Heritage Barns, the barn restoration specialist. Located in Fultonville, Texas, this barn would bring back our memories of the old days.


Living in a barn house is such a great experience, especially for you who are used to live in the city. To feel the warmth that comes from the timber walls, to have a nice and relaxing day in summer, to have an outdoor breakfast with farm view, area great living experience.


Fultonefille barn has a very nice design, both for exterior and interior. From the outside, we will see a very rustic timber house in a typical farm house style. Going inside the house, we will find a very nice interior, of course in a country house style. The hardwood timber is so dominant that becomes the most important element of the house. In some rooms, we can find timber combined with stones or even white-painted walls. This barn has a unique and rich design that provides warm and comfortable living spaces.


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